H2V Marseille - FOS Project

Renewable hydrogen mass production plant at the Port of Marseille Fos

Since 2016, H2V has been taking up the challenge of producing renewable hydrogen on a mass scale.

H2V is investing in, developing and constructing large-scale renewable hydrogen production plants to decarbonise particularly carbon-intensive sectors, such as industry and heavy-duty mobility.

Carried out in partnership with the Port of Marseille-Fos, the H2V FOS project will be located in the port. This site has a strategic location combining a strong industrial potential with a leading maritime port activity.

  • 6 production units of 100 MW (= 600 MW)
  • 84,000 T per year of renewable hydrogen by electrolysis of water
  • Commissioning from 2026
  • Creation of approximately 165 direct and 100 indirect jobs
  • Investment between 700 and 750 million euros
  • 840,000 tons of CO2 avoided each year, or the emissions of 480,000 cars

H2V FOS: a unique partnership for a large-scale renewable hydrogen production project

Integrated into the South Basin project of CSF NSE (New Energy Systems Strategic Committee), a veritable logistics hub, the project is located at the crossroads of European goods transport networks (Ten-T Corridor), on a surface area of 40 hectares,

It will be operational from 2026 and in stages until 2031. It is a €750 million investment, the aim of which is to prevent 840,000 tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere each year.

The project is part of the creation of a local hydrogen industry supported by a territory contract combining production, distribution and uses.