H2V IDF Vigneux Project

Renewable hydrogen mass production plant in the Île-de-France region

Since 2016, H2V met the challenge of mass-producing renewable hydrogen to replace grey hydrogen, decarbonize industry and heavy mobility, the main CO2 emitters. H2V has chosen to produce massively to optimize production costs and to develop a network of service stations to supply the entire country.

The IDF project is located close to the Seine and the many opportunities it represents for the use and transport of hydrogen.

  • 3 production units of 100 MW (= 300 MW)
  • 42 000 T per year of renewable hydrogen produced by water electrolysis
  • Commissioning in 2028
  • Creation of around 100 direct and 60 indirect jobs
  • Investment of around 400 and 450 million euros
  • 420,000 tons of CO2 avoided each year, or the emissions of 240,000 cars

H2V IDF: a tailor-made project, for all forms of mobility

The Île-de-France region, with its 12 million inhabitants, represents a major challenge in terms of mobility, both for passenger and freight transport. Ideally located near the Seine, the site is close to Orly airport and the D line of the RER, but also at the intersection of major roads. We will therefore be able to meet the needs of airport, river and rail mobility, but also to supply the service stations developed nearby.


A strategic partnership with HAROPA PORT

HAROPA PORT manages, manages and develops all the port areas along the Seine, from Le Havre to upstream of the Seine. The project meets our common desire to reduce CO2 emissions and to respect the quality of life of local residents. With HAROPA PORT, H2V is part of this logic of decarbonizing port areas through a cleaner industry adapted to the needs of the territories.