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Everything you ever wanted to know about hydrogen
but never dared ask

Hydrogen consumption:
yes but how much?

Hydrogen can be used in various sectors, as energy or as a raw material:

Transport, to power the electric motor in vehicles, thanks to a fuel cell that turns the hydrogen into water and electricity,

Steelworks, for manufacturing steel,

  The chemical industry, for manufacturing ammonia, used as a fertiliser and base for manufacturing polymers (plastics and synthetic fibres), as well as methanol.

But it can also be used directly as fuel, partly or entirely replacing natural gas.

Annual consumption of hydrogen by use

A 100MW hydrogen production unit using electrolysis produces 14,000 tonnes of hydrogen a year, i.e. enough to fuel 2,800 trucks or 400 regional trains or be used in the production of 230,000 tonnes of steel.

Today, France produces 900,000 tonnes of grey hydrogen a year for industrial purposes. Its target is for 40% of this production to be green by 2028, thanks to renewable hydrogen.